Asthma Management Handbook
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Table. Management of risk factors for adverse asthma outcomes in adults

Risk factor

Clinical action †

Any risk factor for flare-ups

Check patient has an appropriate action plan

Carefully check inhaler technique and adherence, and identify any barriers to good adherence

Review frequently (e.g. every 3 months)

Hospitalisation or ED visit for asthma or any asthma flare-up during the previous 12 months

Ask about triggers for flare-ups, and lead time

History of intubation or intensive care unit admission for asthma

Ensure action plan recommends early medical review when asthma worsens

Hospitalisation or ED visit for asthma in the past month

Emphasise importance of maintaining regular ICS use after symptoms improve

Confirm that patient has resumed using SABA only when needed for symptoms

High SABA use (>3 canisters per year)

Check lung function

If SABA use appears to be habitual, investigate causes and consider alternative strategies, e.g. short-term substitution of ipratropium for SABA

Long-term high-dose ICS

Consider gradual reduction of ICS dose if symptoms stable

Monitor regularly (e.g. assessment of bone density, regular eye examinations)

For local side-effects, ensure inhaler technique is appropriate

Poor lung function (even if few symptoms)

Consider 3-month trial of higher ICS dose, then recheck lung function

Consider referral for detailed specialist investigation

Sensitivity to unavoidable allergens (e.g. Alternaria species of common moulds)

Refer for further investigation and management

Exposure to cigarette smoke (smoking or environmental exposure)

Emphasise the importance of avoiding smoke

Provide quitting strategies

Consider increasing ICS dose (higher dose of ICS likely to be necessary to control asthma)

Refer for assessment of asthma–COPD overlap

Difficulty perceiving airflow limitation or the severity of exacerbations

Regular PEF monitoring

Action plan should recommend early review and measurement of lung function

No current written asthma action plan

Provide and explain written asthma action plan

† In addition to actions applicable to all risk factors

Last reviewed version 2.0

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