Asthma Management Handbook

Education and support for patients and their families

Australia is fortunate to have a range of professional organisations that can provide expert advice to patients on asthma, allergy, COPD and other lung or respiratory conditions.

National Asthma Council Australia

The National Asthma Council Australia is Australia's lead asthma authority. While well-known and respected for its high quality asthma education and resources for health professionals, including this Handbook, the Council also provides a range of resources for people with asthma including How-to videos and factsheets. 

Asthma Australia and the state-based Asthma Foundations

Asthma Australia is the national body representing all the State-based asthma foundations in Australia and the peak advocacy body for Australians with asthma. Asthma Australia and the Foundations provide a range of resources and other services for patients and their carers.

Information line: 1800 ASTHMA

Lung Foundation Australia

The Lung Foundation Australia supports all aspects of lung health, particularly COPD, based around the tenets of advocacy, awareness and education. It provides a range of excellent resources and programs for patients.

Australasian Society of Clinical Immunology and Allergy (ASCIA)

ASCIA is the peak professional medical organisation for allergy and clinical immunology in Australia and New Zealand. ASCIA has a range of patient resources for people with allergic diseases including factsheets and online training.

NPS MedicineWise

NPS (National Prescribing Service) MedicineWise has reliable and independent health and treatment information about a range of respiratory conditions. It has many patient resources for people with asthma and their families.

Healthdirect Australia

Healthdirect has health information that is easy to understand and simple to follow. Its pages link to related content from trusted organisations and peak bodies, to help guide consumers to quality Australian content.