Asthma Management Handbook

Downloading or ordering the Quick Reference Guide

The Australian Asthma Handbook – Quick Reference Guide is a companion to the full Australian Asthma Handbook Version 1.1. The Guide features key figures and tables from the Handbook, alongside selected section overviews to provide context. It is not a stand-alone summary of the guidelines.

Reflecting the minor update to the complete online Handbook, Quick Reference Guide v1.1 includes small updates, clarifications and corrections, including an additional table and figure.

Download a PDF copy

The downloadable web version of the Quick Reference Guide is not only suitable for printing, it is also optimised for reading and navigating onscreen, including tablets.

Order a printed copy

Printed copies of the Quick Reference Guide are being distributed to primary care health professionals by representatives of the major sponsor, Mundipharma.

Please contact your Mundipharma representative to receive a copy.

Copies can also be ordered from the National Asthma Council Australia. These will usually be delivered by a Mundipharma representative unless requested otherwise. To order, please go to the National Asthma Council Australia online order system.