Asthma Management Handbook

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In response to user feedback, we have developed this edition of the Australian Asthma Handbook as a dedicated, state-of-the-art website rather than a conventional printed book like the last edition.

This change in emphasis has allowed us to take full advantage of online publishing capabilities, for example linking to the latest guidelines for related comorbid conditions, providing direct access to abstracts of cited references and developing material in a modular format so that content such as tables appear on multiple relevant pages. We will also be able to update the Handbook more frequently.

Please bookmark your favourite pages for future reference.

The Australian Asthma Handbook – Quick Reference Guide is a companion to the full online Australian Asthma Handbook. The Guide features key figures and tables from the Handbook, alongside selected section overviews to provide context. It is not a stand-alone summary of the guidelines.

A print-friendly version of the complete online Australian Asthma Handbook is available as a collection of PDF downloads. Please note, this is not a formal textbook-style publication, but instead is a streamlined compilation of all the webpages optimised for printing.

Individual webpages can be printed by clicking the printer icon in the top right hand corner of each page.

A slide set of key figures and tables is also available to download as a PDF. These slides are for educational purposes only and should not be altered in any way. The content reflects the Australian Asthma Handbook at publication of Version 1.2 (October 2016). © National Asthma Council Australia Ltd, 2016

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