Asthma Management Handbook

Future updates and revision

Following the official launch of the Australian Asthma Handbook Version 1.0 in March 2014, an ongoing review process began. The National Asthma Council Australia convened a new Guidelines Committee to oversee amendments, updates and revision of the Handbook and to monitor developments in guidelines methodology that may be applicable to the Handbook. Most of the members of the Guidelines Committee for version 1.0 joined this new Committee, including the Chair.

The new Guidelines Committee continues the multidisciplinary approach of the original Handbook and its Guidelines Committee, and is comprised of experts from general practice, respiratory medicine, allergy, pharmacy, nursing and asthma education and chaired by a general practitioner. The members have a tenure of three years after which the process to refresh the Committee occurs again.

Development of the Australian Asthma Handbook Versions 1.1, 1.2, and 1.3, the minor updates published in April 2015, October 2016, and December 2017, were overseen by the new Committee.

The Committee are now considering the priorities and procedures for the next full edition of the Handbook, which will involve ensuring consistency across the whole Handbook website and determining whether an updated version of the Quick Reference Guide should be printed. As required, topic working groups will be formed to consider specific issues, individual experts consulted and further systematic reviews conducted.