Asthma Management Handbook

Scoping and review

Prior to development of each version of the Australian Asthma Handbook, a scoping exercise is undertaken to determine the priority areas for revision or inclusion.

Scoping is led by the multidisciplinary Guidelines Committee. Additionally, for version 1.0 selected experts provided an assessment against the previous edition of the Handbook, the Asthma Management Handbook 2006.

Primary care experts advise on whether the section covered key clinical issues for primary care health professionals, and identify any gaps or areas in which more guidance is needed. Specialist experts advise on the currency of factual information and recommendations, and identify areas where there has been substantial changes in opinion and/or new evidence.

Before each major edition, a user suvey is conducted to gain a broader understanding of the needs of the target audience, which includes general practitioners, practice nurses and pharmacists. Questions cover both clinical content and practical publication issues.