Asthma Management Handbook

Development of Version 1.1

Overall approach

Version 1.1 is a minor update of the Australian Asthma Handbook Version 1.0.

In considering priorities for review in development of Version 1.1, the Guidelines Committee took into account:

  • user feedback following publication of Version 1.0, including clarifications and corrections
  • addition of new asthma medicines to the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).

Due to the limited scope of the review, the Guidelines Committee acted as the working group for all topics. A small number of contributors from Version 1.0 of the Handbook were also recalled to assist with specific revisions.

Evidence gathering and recommendation development

The amendments to existing recommendations and the development of new recommendations were subject to the same standards of recommendation development:

  • developed based on limited structured literature searches
  • the adaptation or adoption of recommendations in existing guidelines 
  • formulated based on the findings of published systematic reviews
  • where insufficient evidence was available, developed by consensus

A summary and detailed list of the amendments made for Version 1.1 can be found on the editions and updates page.


The development work was undertaken in consultation with the Handbook Secretariat between July 2014 and March 2015.

The Australian Asthma Handbook Version 1.1 was published online on 14 April 2015, alongside the accompanying printed Australian Asthma Handbook: Quick Reference Guide Version 1.1.