Asthma Management Handbook

Process for development of content


Development of the Australian Asthma Handbook Version 1.0 involved:

  • seeking advice on a sound methodological but practical framework for gathering evidence
  • surveying intended readers to identify topics on which readers need guidance and gauge preferences on usability and format
  • identifying areas in the previous edition that had become outdated
  • convening a Guidelines Committee to set the scope in the form of a comprehensive set of clinical questions and oversee development of the content
  • stratifying the clinical questions according to clinical relevance, relevant existing evidence or guidance, and the degree to which amenable to structured evidence synthesis
  • conducting a series of systematic evidence reviews for selected clinical questions
  • collecting evidence to answer the remainder of clinical questions using a range of methods suitable for the status and type of clinical question
  • formulating recommendations and drafting supporting commentary through topic working groups
  • ensuring consistency across all topics by way of a Guidelines Committee all-Handbook review
  • soliciting review by invited independent expert reviewers and interest groups
  • finalising the Handbook in consideration of the review feedback.

Development of the Australian Asthma Handbook Versions 1.1, 1.2 and 1.3 minor updates followed the same stringent methodology for evidence gathering and recommendation formulation as used for Version 1.0.

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