Asthma Management Handbook



Development of each major edition of the Australian Asthma Handbook involves:

  • seeking advice on a sound methodological but practical framework for gathering evidence
  • surveying intended readers to identify topics on which readers need guidance and gauge preferences on usability and format
  • identifying areas in the previous edition that had become outdated
  • setting the scope in the form of a comprehensive set of clinical questions
  • stratifying the clinical questions according to clinical relevance, relevant existing evidence or guidance, and the degree to which amenable to structured evidence synthesis
  • collecting evidence to answer the clinical questions using a range of methods suitable for the status and type of clinical question
  • formulating recommendations and drafting supporting commentary through topic working groups
  • ensuring consistency across all topics through Guideline Committee deliberation
  • soliciting review by invited independent expert reviewers and interest groups
  • finalising the Handbook in consideration of the review feedback.

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