Asthma Management Handbook

Version 2.0 working group members and consultants

Dr Samantha Abu Hadid, emergency registrar

Dr Ian Almond, general practitioner

Dr Barbara Cameron, general practitioner

Professor Dianne Campbell, paediatric immunologist

Dr Kate Cantwell, paramedic

Associate Professor Ian Charlton, general practitioner

Associate Professor Kingsley Coulthard, pharmacist

Associate Professor Michael Fasher, general practitioner

Dr Tim Foo, general practitioner

Ms Margaret Gordon, asthma and respiratory educator

Dr Kerry Hancock, general practitioner

Mr Stephen Hughes, pharmacist

Ms Mary Jackon, clinical nurse

Professor Adam Jaffé, paediatric respiratory physician

Professor Connie Katelaris, allergist

Dr Peter Leman, emergency physician

Ms Rhona MacDonald, respiratory nurse practitioner

Ms Vanessa McDonald, clinical nurse consultant

Dr Lufiani Mulyadi, general practitioner

Dr Louisa Owens, paediatric respiratory physician

Professor Helen Reddel, adult respiratory physician

Ms Debbie Rigby, consultant clinical pharmacist

Dr Andre Shultz, paediatric respiratory physician

Dr Victoria Smith, general practitioner

Dr Andrew Tai, paediatric respiratory and sleep physician

Dr Ron Tomlins, general practitioner

Professor Peter Wark, adult respiratory physician

Dr Danielle Wurzel, respiratory consultant