Asthma Management Handbook


A secretariat of National Asthma Council Australia staff and external personnel manages production of the Handbook. The secretariat is supported by National Asthma Council Australia administrative staff.

National Asthma Council Australia

Ms Siobhan Brophy, Chief Executive Officer (Strategy and Communications Manager, 2010–2017)

Ms Julia Ren-Daumas, Communications Manager (from 2017)

Ms Jen Norbury, Communications Project Officer (from 2016)

Ms Natalie Bourne, Project Officer (2018–2019)

Medical writer

Ms Jenni Harman, Meducation Australia Pty Ltd

Website development

Ms Fiona Doherty, Evolution7

Past personnel

Ms Kristine Whorlow, Chief Executive Officer (2010–2017)

Ms Kathryn Goldsworthy, Project Assistant (2013–2015)

Mr Mark Olszewski, Communications Project Officer (2011–2015)

Ms Miriam Hagan, Communications Project Officer (2010–2011)


Dr Pradnya Naik-Panvelkar, Research Assistant, The University of Sydney (2012–2014)

Dr Marie Misso, Methodology Consultant, Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation (2012–2014)

Dr Janet Salisbury and Ms Meg Heaslop, Methdology Consultants, Biotext Pty Ltd (2010–2011)