Asthma Management Handbook

About the Handbook


The Australian Asthma Handbook is Australia's national guidelines for asthma management. It provides evidence-based, practical guidance for health professionals diagnosing and managing asthma in adults and children in primary care.

The Handbook is proudly published by Australia's lead authority on asthma, the National Asthma Council Australia.

First published in 1990, initially as the Asthma Management Plan and then as the Asthma Management Handbook, the Handbook was one of the first Australian guidelines addressing the diagnosis and management of a chronic condition. Throughout its seven editions, the Handbook has set the standard for best-practice asthma management in Australia by being comprehensive and user-friendly, and emphasising a team approach to asthma care. This edition brings a new name – the Australian Asthma Handbook – but the same commitment to practical advice for primary care health professionals.

Current version 1.3, published December 2017. Version 1.0 was published March 2014, with minor updates in version 1.1, published April 2015, and version 1.2, published October 2016.

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